Weekly roll - winter rain.

What else can we talk about during winter season but winter itself? Sure we could come up with something different and spur conversation in a different way but even most of those will be centered on winter. Our weekly roll this past week had the same theme running on winter and what it’s brought for us.

The winter season in Botswana this year came in with a different twist. The season started a bit off the usual time and was predicted to come with extremely low temperature recordings. Only a few weeks ago we had the worst ever cold front that saw the government allowing students to go to school with blankets and extra jackets to combat the severe cold. We also experienced rain in winter which has not been a common occurrence in Botswana over the years. Rain is a summer thing and we haven’t had it in winter. We ran a weekly poll on winter rain in Botswana asking whether or not it is a common occurrence or a rarity in Botswana. All of our respondents agree that it is a rarity in Botswana.

Our winter in Botswana does not even have snow during the season. The only weather change that comes with winter is cold winds and extremely low temperatures. These weather changes are countered in different ways like warm clothing, hot beverages and hot water bottles. In homes people set up fire places and enjoy the warmth with their families.