Weekly roll: Who’s winning?

If Covid was a person, who would you call it? Which person out there carries the same attributes as this virus? A person who just can’t be contained. Today you think you understand them then tomorrow all that has changed. You think everybody else knows what they look like and their whereabouts to only have them spotted in a location you least expected.

This is the description of Covid-19 and it’s hell. Tying to stand up against such a character is not easy and never will be. So long as we think we are above we can’t defeat it. But acknowledging it’s strength and tenacity will be the beginning of our battle against the virus. Firstly, it would be to make sure that we understand the little information there is about it and live by it. That is to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces regularly even in the house. Covid-19 is not only in public spaces but potentially everywhere.

We got curios as always and asked if we really are winning against this virus. Are we going to win the battle against Covid-19? For some time we didn’t have any new cases locally except for the foreign nationals delivering goods into the country who were tested at the borders. But since last week, there has been a surge of new local transmissions of the Covid-19 virus in Mogoditshane and Oodi. Surprisingly, most of our respondents were positive that we will win the fight against the virus and that is good. 80% of them believed so while only 20% believed that we weren’t going to win. I say we side with the 80% and keep fighting.