Weekly Roll: What is Gender Equality?

This thing of gender equality has shaken up a lot of communities worldwide and will continue to do so in many different ways. Families, communities, organisations and countries are all shaken up by this. The call for gender equality is ringing all around even in places some people thought it would never reach.

Despite Gender Equality being a trending, global topic, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding behind or around it. The fight around it is in some places growing while in others it isn’t. The number of people that have to understand and appreciate the idea is growing, the voice of the gender equality advocates is largely being heard even by legislators in some countries.


   Muslim nations have been perceived to be very far off in accepting the gender equality referenda but this has been changing of recent. The iconic and strictly Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia has for the longest time been the only country in the world that prohibited the issuance of driving licenses to women. The law was said to be supported by the Muslim law they followed as a country, the law of Wahabbism. There wasn’t any law criminalizing the act of driving by women but they could get arrested and fined if caught driving, and this has changed all thanks to gender equality advocacy.

This begged in us the question of what exactly gender equality is since it seemed to confuse a number of people. We took this to our weekly polls to find out what our users thought about the topic. The first answer we gave was that Gender equality meant “men & women doing the same things” which had a 33% vote to it. The second option was that of “men & women sharing responsibility equally” which had no votes and lastly “men & women being given equal opportunity” which was the most voted for option at 67% of all votes. The general definition of gender equality supports the third option we had for our users being that of giving equal opportunity to birth men and women. Do you support this, if not, why?