Weekly roll: What’s changed?

They say refusal to change is an enemy of progress and we all know that progress is good. Every progresses from one stage to another and this is good, it’s improvement. Even people can change, sometimes not for the good but the bad, although more often it is desired to be for the good.

Covid-19 has without a doubt brought in a lot of change in our world. The way we live, work, travel, eat and a whole lot more has changed. Moving from one district to another, in Botswana, is no longer as easy as before unless they are within the same Covid zone. Going to work is not the same anymore, the people you used to sit next to might not be in the same work shift as you. Meetings are no longer physical but online. The value of internet is so high that everyone needs to have it even to stay in touch with family.

But all this is what has changed in our families, society and countries, what about you as an individual. What about you has changed since the Covid-19 outbreak? Are you still the same person you were 4 months ago? We took to out Weekly Poll to satisfy our curiosity and learn more about this. 60% of the respondents said it has changed the way they relate with people, it just isn’t the same anymore. Do you stay greeting the conventional way and defy the new normal or keep to it? Others said that their work ethic is what has changed and the question there is whether it has gotten better or worse? Are they working harder now or less? Whichever it is, these made up 20% of all responses.

There were certainly more responses given like being more grateful and others just a whole lot more, and 20% of the respondents said all these are what have changed about them since the outbreak. Keep up with our poll and share your thoughts with us.