Weekly Roll: Voter registration

It’s been a little while since we had our weekly roll and it’s back on a semi-formal note now...For those that may be new to our weekly roll articles, we run polls on our portal and share the information with you thereafter.

Botswana, as some may know, is getting ready for it’s National Elections later this year. Since 2018 there has been voter registration ongoing since then with some closures I between. A criteria for eligible voters is communicated on various platforms to sensitize all citizens who are eligible on all that is needed from them. These include age, valid Omang, locations etc. Multiple stations are set for people to register in locations where they will be voting at, a registration which process which takes a few minutes.

Once the voters have their voter registration cards on hand they await the voting day to be announced by the President and then the actual voting. We took to the polls, our polls, to determine whether there are people out there taking part in voter registration which had been extended from April 15th until 28th. It had previously closed and later on ere-opened for more voters to register. Following our polls, 100% of all respondents were aware that voter registration was still ongoing and it just closed on the 28th of April 2019. Get ready to vote.