Weekly Roll: Valentines

We’re done with Valentine’s Day now, what a relief it is to some. While others are probably wishing that it could continue and never end…

Valentine’s Day has its history spanning many decades and maybe even centuries. People have been celebrating it the world over and it’s a big business spin for some industries as, like Christmas, is a time of gift giving but mostly between two people considered “lovers”. They go out on dinner or lunch dates to restaurants nicely set up under the Valentine’s Day theme. They dress up in the red, black and white colours that are synonymous with love and Valentine’s Day, buy each other love gifts and celebrate.

The boss romantic guys however put a spin to it. Instead of taking out their lady friends to the prestigious restaurants and give them a good eat out they take up the stove and cook up an unforgettable meal that no one can forget. We got curious around this prior to Valentine’s Day and asked if there’s anybody looking forward to Valentine’s Day. A great 64% of our respondents said that they were looking forward to a boring Valentine’s Day while the remaining 33% were looking forward to a love-full day.

Perhaps our guys out there have not stepped up their game in recent years or they all decided to leave for the Men’s Conference leaving the ladies with a downcast outlook of the day. Whichever one it is the day was a good one for whoever decided to enjoy it despite the disappointments.