Weekly Roll: The U.S. Elections

Elections are a democratic right, for everyone and every country. Yes, not every country has them but they need them. Botswana has them and has enjoyed them for many years. Since independence, voting has been done in this landlocked democracy for many years and there is hope that it will always be.

Other countries in the world don’t quite have the same priviledge though some don’t disclose their dictatorships. They don’t allow their citizens to vote or if they do the voting process is hardly flawless. The people go out to cast their vote but the counting isn’t properly done. In some cases these get violent and people don’t get to see their preferred candidate take the lead even if they had properly voted for them.

The leading economy in the world, United States of America, held their elections. A country that has had independence for so many years and over 40 Presidents since then was at it again. The current president, Donald J. Trump, a Republican, was going against Joseph Biden, a Democrat and it’s been fierce. The 2 were the best candidates and the U.S.A went out for voting between these. The elections started off with mail-in ballots where people sent in their bids via mail and then actual voting was opened up for later on.

The counting on all these kicked off a week ago and the results out a couple of days after. The way the country is, there was a need for 270 votes for any candidate to be declared the winner and Joe Biden beat Trump to it. Though the elections have not yet been concluded, we did wonder what your thoughts were on them, are you happy or not and the results were amazing. 100% of all our respondents said they were happy with the elections. Clearly, they were not Team Trump.

Photo cred: NewsmaxFB