Weekly roll: The Unpaid Holiday

Holidays are here, every day is almost desires as a holiday. We all want to let loose, kick back and relax. No work just play time with friends and family. Road trips that have been planned for are now at execution point.

The only downside with holiday season though is work. We need to move out and get ready for the holidays but it is not always an easy thing to do as we need to ask permission from our employers. Every employee is given leave days per month which accumulate over time and then get to ask for those for whatever reason they may have. Come holiday season it is not every employee that is able to get permission to go because there are usually a whole lot of requests that people submit for HR review.

Since my days as an employee I have come across something called “Unpaid holidays” and I wondered what this is and this is where our weekly poll came from. There are different kinds of holidays in case you didn’t know and among those are paid and unpaid holidays. Today’s article is focused on unpaid holidays. It is clear form our results that people do not know what unpaid holidays are as 100% of our respondents said so. In short, there are holidays that are declared by the government but not “entirely” recognized by some employers. These employers are flexible with their employees regarding these holidays and allow them to miss work as any other employee would. The catch here, however is that there will be a deduction in that employees earnings that month since they took up an unpaid holiday.

So do check in with your employer to avoid limping on certain months. As for these holidays there are  fully recognized by the government and most employers so most of us are safe, happy holidays BW, we are free, we are independent.