Weekly Roll: Thee FB Page

Tsena, Botswana Online was and still is Botswana’s online community. What this means is that everyone in Botswana and the Batswana abroad have an online platform that they engage on, sharing with one another and the world the wonderful and beautiful things in their country.

The goal of the platform, as said when it was launched in a spectacular event at the country’s former Central Business District, commonly known as the Main Mall, is to re-tell Botswana stories. These stories are believed to lie in the hearts and minds of Batswana, themselves. The stories of the country, tales of old and the goings on of today are all with the people. Botswana is mainly known for her diamonds, wildlife and beef, the best in the world which fetches a premium in the capital cities of the world but all these are stories that are told by the many that have visited the country from abroad.

“Who better to tell their story than the owner?” is the question that birthed Tsena, Botswana Online. It is of the belief that no one can tell a story of another better than the owner of the story, everyone knows themselves better than somebody else would. As Batswana and everybody else in Botswana is making good use of the platform with steady growth moment there has been integrations with the most popular social media platforms to enhance the experience and reach of the portal. This has resulted in the portal social media pages gaining more popularity than most pages and becoming the go to pages for the latest things on BW.

We took to the poll to ascertain if this really is true and the results were as follows. 100% of all respondents believed that the Tsena, Botswana Online Facebook page is “thee” page to follow on Facebook. So it is indeed true, the page is worthwhile, the portal too. Come on board, be a contributor and enjoy all things BW.