Weekly roll: staying home!

Lockdown season is over, or is it? For about 6 weeks we’ve been shut in our homes with everyone plus some uninvited. Some people just found themselves inside our homes because the lock down was instituted with them there. Others however figured you’d be good company so they made it that way.

Whatever the case, we needed to know so we took out to our Weekly Poll and put out this Weekly Roll to share the results with you. The lock down meant that adults don’t go to work but it also meant all children in the house don’t go out to school. With no one leaving the house except for essential supplies this meant that people stayed home for most of the time. The only time one could leave the house would be going outside, within your yard to play a few games with your family. The home, however has been your base.

Waking up in the morning meant the same people, all day, every day. At the family table for breakfast, lunch and supper. Any games to be played whether board or video games was with the same people. Now you would think that spending so much time with the people you love is the best thing in the world but it turns out that it always isn’t so. According to some social media posts, some people are tired of being home with their children and spouses. Even the boyfriends and girlfriends are finding it hard to live with one another for so long.

While this begs more questions to ask about how we are and our different relationship statuses, we stopped it at first knowing if it really is true and our poll has those answers. Contrary to what we picked up out there, 100% of our respondents were all for staying home all day, with family to be “the best thing ever!” These people certainly love their spouses and children, all the way to the helper too!

Photo cred: https://advocategiving.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Family-photo.jpg