Weekly roll: Skillz!

I got skills, a friend likes to say. What skills these are only they know and understand. But what I know about skills is that they are very valuable more especially if it’s the kind in need.

Skills, are commonly defined as some ability to do something in a particular way. Certain skills sets allow certain people to do things others can’t. Other with more prized and valuable skill sets are able to earn better pay than others. All this owes to skills. Do you have skills to drive a 22meter trailer truck? Skills to crunch large numbers without a calculator, to the skills to talk to a large group of people without any hurdles.

We all have skills but not all of them. Yes no one person can possess al the skills life requires so we keep learning them along the way. If you decide to take a certain path in life then you focus on those skills over others. A person who wants to open up a restaurant and be Head Chef focuses on their culinary skills. Their knife skills, food sampling and tasting, ingredients and all are things they need to be better skilled at than the average person.

While COvid-19 is a deadly pandemic and seems to be killing more things than some of the people it has affected, there is some good that has come out of it. Our daily lives are mostly taken up by the jobs we do and very little time left for other things. But thanks to the lock down, some of us have been able to upskill ourselves in various ways. Online learning is one of them and others include practice. Because of the time we have had on our hands some have been able to sharpen their skill in this and that and now get to do those things better.

As TsenaBW, we took to our weekly poll to satisfy our curiosity and asked “did you pick up a new skill during the Covid-19 lock down?” The answers we got indeed satisfied our curiosity and assumptions that the time availed was put to good use. 82% of our respondents answered in the affirmative that they have been able to upskill themselves during this time. What a way to go and if you missed it, lock down 2 just gave you an opportunity to do good.