Weekly Roll - Shoot to kill!

News, news, news! There is a lot going around that many miss and thanks to news we always get those. Not so long ago we heard of a man that had been shot dead by local law enforcements officers for a crime he had done.

Following this incident or rumor were multiple comments and questions around the issue on how acceptable and unacceptable it is and even how it should be done. The man was apparently shot down for theft and at the time of hearing about the incident it hadn’t been communicated how he was shot down. The public was furious over this that there are many people, mostly government officials that have been found to have stolen state property but have not been shot, instead a man is shot over a much smaller offence.

Much as this may be up to the individual on what they think about the situation shoot to kill policies are in place in some parts of the world if not all but under different parameters. This led us to taking it up on our weekly poll on the homepage to gather the thoughts and hearts of Batswana and other Tsena users regarding this shoot to kill policy. A simple question was posed on whether shoot to kill policies should be encouraged and the majority of respondents were in agreement that, “yes, it should” at 67%. The remaining 33% were not in support of the policy. Botswana has a shoot to kill policy in place against poaching as far as we are aware. There is much to be discussed regarding this topic on what exactly a shoot to kill policy is, who does it and how it’s executed, monitored etc. We will take up soon.