Weekly Roll - Passion

Passion is a word largely used to describe a person’s zeal towards something. Here in Botswana, passion is about a person’s heart towards something. We’ve heard a lot about passion killings but this time focus on a different kind of passion.

Our jobs page is a career hub, focused at improving the careers of Batswana primarily through job listings for many to apply. However, after applying one has to exercise the same zeal towards their job and deliver on what is expected of them. Our weekly poll was focused the issue of passion with a statement geared towards passion not only in entrepreneurs as is commonly known but also in employees. Yes, an entrepreneur is an employee of their company as much as they are the founder but it is commonly associated with entrepreneurs as they are perceived to be following their passion.

To start a business, one not only needs money but is also required to be passionate about what they will be doing as this is what will sustain them through the hard times. Employees too as key players in the running of the business have to exercise some passion we thought but through it out to us all to see if there were other people who thought the same. 100% of our respondents were in agreement with this that indeed all workers ought to be passionate about their work in order to deliver the best results.