Weekly roll: Parliament shutdown

Botswana, as some of her neighbouring countries will be undergoing elections this year. South Africa, in particular had her elections earlier this year, May to be precise and saw the installation of Cyril Ramap[hosa as President of the rainbow nation having taken over from the former President Jacob Zuma, under whom he was Vice President.

Locally, the President Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, who was also the Vice President to Former President Seretse Khama Ian Khama before taking over is certainly hoping to get re-elected in these coming elections. The country has been audience to various political party rally’s as they ramp up their efforts to appeal to the masses and get votes.

With this, always comes the closure of the Parliament. The country cannot go to the elections with a full parliament in sitting, it cannot be. As the members gear up for their campaigns across the country the President first dissolves the current parliament sitting in preparation for the next one following the elections. This means that the country does not have any Members of Parliament currently.

Since the closure of the 11th Parliament in Botswana, there has been various political debates within constituencies with each candidate beefing and further emphasizing their offerings to the constituents. It is clear, with how these have followed that the Botswana Parliament is closed before the elections are conducted and we took the polls to ascertain if this indeed was a truth amongst most people. Of all our respondents, 100% said that the BW Parliament closes before the elections, not after. It’s closed.