Weekly roll: Only 37

It’s that time in history again where election talk is at it’s highest and probably starting to bore some people. Various political parties have their candidates engaged in political rallies and debates with their counterparts from opposing parties. Every other evening there are radio conducted debates on what which candidate is planning to do for their constituents.

For those that are bored by these and hopeless it could possibly be out of their previous disappointments with what politicians before them had promised only to not deliver on it. Such people are probably the ones that are sick and tired of the talk around elections and can’t wait for Election Day to pass. The biggest problem with these people is that they are likely not going to participate in the elections because they are already disappointed and don’t expect much to change after an important event such as national elections.

We took to our poll to bring you a quick weekly roll on a different side of the issue. Much as some are sad, unhappy and angered by the consistent talk around elections, we are talking to you who’s interested and looking forward to it. Yes, it may be towards the day coming and passing by or you looking forward to casting your vote. Whichever one it is you must be counting down the days and the question we asked was, “how many days are left to elections as of Monday 16th September?”. Out of the 3 options that were given, 44, 49 and 23, none of these had the most votes. Instead, all 3 had equal despite the correct number being 37 which was not included in the answer options. As of Monday 16th September there were only 37 days left to elections.