Weekly Roll: The Number.

The untruthful assumption that every eligible citizen in and outside Botswana has registered for voting and has their little elections Gladstone bag ready for service but it is not always so. It turns out, in most instances, that a lot of eligible voters don’t register and we will take that up in the next round of Weekly Rolls.

Voting isn’t done in a single location but a single day in Botswana. There are polling stations all across the country, a whole lot and this is where the voting takes place. In the beginning, the country is divided into electoral districts and thereafter polling stations set in these for the registered voters to cast their votes at.

The biggest question we have had which drove us to the polls was on the number of polling station we have in the country. There is approximately 2 million Batswana in the country but much less voters. For the voting process to start and finish in a day there is need for multiple polling stations countrywide all running simultaneously.

We put out a poll with 3 options, 1756, 2260 and 731 as answers on the number of polling stations available countrywide and had 100% of our respondents saying 2260 is the answer which is correct. The total number of polling stations in Botswana according to the Independent Electoral Commission is 2260.