Weekly roll: My Independence

A country’s independence is a national and even worldwide celebration for many reasons…firstly, the citizens and residents of that country have a great thing to celebrate at a set time every year. These celebrations also include citizens of that country that are based in other countries across the world, they too, through their consulates, are given an opportunity to celebrate their country’s independence.

The meaning of independence could be different for all people. Differences such as age have a significant influence on the meaning of Independence. For people who were present before Botswana gained her independence are likely to have a greater attachment to independence than those that were born thereafter, to date. These people have seen and experienced the country before it gained independence and further developed until now with all these developments. The people that were born after independence grew up in a very different environment that was also free from colonial rule.

Because of the different people we have as citizens and residents of Botswana, we took to the polls to see what Independence means to the different people in Botswana. 45% of all respondents believed said that Independence to them means “Freedom from colonial rule”, a group of people that may have possibly lived at a time when the country was still under colonization. 9% of the respondents said that it is “escape from political oppression” and the remaining 45% said that it is “self-reliance without partnership with other nations”. Whichever one it may be, there are many reasons and meanings that people could have towards an event like independence, which one is yours?