Weekly roll: The most competent

Botswana is approximately one month away from the national elections and pressure is mounting between political parties ad within their constituencies. The race to be the winning party and have our leader be president has never so tense and is only getting worse.

It has been five years since the last elections and every party is out to have it’s piece of the country. The party with the most constituencies basically gets to be in government of the world’s diamond richest country by value. This subsequently translates into the winning party having more parliamentary seats in the house than any other, something both the current leading party and opposition is vying for.

It is not an easy thing though to win elections in a learned country like Botswana with it’s economic dynamics. A lot of people, especially the youth, are unemployed and this means that parliamentary hopefuls need to impress this bunch and make sure that they will do well on their promises. The promises made by contestants are also critiqued and judged by not only their competition but the constituents themselves and this is a hard one for them.

We took to the polls to ask which of the local political parties is the most competent. Which one of the party has the most competent candidates? It is one thing to speak and one can definitely tell which of the candidates knows what they are talking about and if at all they can achieve it. According to our poll, 50% of our respondents believe that the current leading party, Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Is the most competent while the other 50% believe the Alliance for Progressives (AP) is the most competent. We think only the actual electoral poll will tell.