Weekly roll: A million chefs!

So everyone is ready open up a restaurant and serve a full on French a’ la carte menu with some Italian and Indian options in there. Or there may be hundreds of people in every city all ready to offer some form of culinary art all thanks to Covid-19.

The pandemic has been devastating to many but there’s a good side to it. Since the closure of many institutions and people having no work to do on a daily, there has been a lot of activity in the kitchen. Supermarkets have certainly been making a killing as people have now been buying grocery items they hadn’t been buying before all because they want to try out some new recipes.

YouTube has been our great teacher with step by step guides on how to out together certain dishes. With restaurants closed we’ve been flocking to the platform to get tips on how to prepare our favourite buy out meals. Locally, we’ve also had some foodies and chefs whip up some amazing dishes that saw us thronging the supermarkets in search of the ingredients. Simple dishes like “magwinya” have been a favourite for many according to the Foodies group on Facebook. With the weather getting chillier by the day it makes sense why, they’re good for tea.

We then assumed that your cooking skills must be much better now than before but ran a poll to get your actual thoughts on this. Amazingly, 100% of our respondents said “yes”, my cooking skills have improved greatly over the lockdown. Our assumption was right and see, there’s some good that’s come out of the pandemic already. Just don’t forget to visit your favourite restaurant as soon as the ban has been fully lifted.