Weekly roll: Live Parliament

Botswana politics has gotten interesting and the country is more involved in it than never before. The number of active voters was larger this year with youth participants at the highest ever.

The National elections are a few weeks over now and cabinet as well as the Vice President have been appointed and endorsed. Mr. Slumber Tsogwane has made it to the Vice Presidency office once more and many new comer into the cabinet with only a few returning to the pack. Mr. Kefentse Mzwinila is amongst the returning Members of Parliament and Cabinet, and also retained his portfolio but the question still stands in the eyes and minds of the voters what the 12th parliament will deliver.

The new comers have exceptional credentials to their names and they cannot be doubted with their many achievements, something that hasn’t been common with the previous parliaments. People had their eyes glued to the screens since the inauguration until the swearing in of the Members of Parliament and unfortunately it ends here. The only glimpse of parliament that the voters will get hereon will be in the newspapers and radio which will not be live.

Tsena took to the polls earlier this week to ascertain if this view could be true and it ppears so. The voters and general public would like to have the parliamentary proceedings to be broadcast live daily for their enjoyment and upkeep with what their legislators are up to. Parliament live broadcasts are important.