Weekly roll: Life Changing Concert

The Life Changing has been described to be exactly that, life changing. Everyone that leaves to attend this event does not come back the same. It has been hosted 3 times already in Botswana, 2 of which were dubbed “Life Changing Concert” so there is something to it.

Brave Heart, a local production and promotions company has an annual event in partnership with South African gospel group, Joyous Celebration. The 2 have put together the event and called it the Life Changing Concert. The event is held during the month of August where the gospel group performs their latest offering live to a Botswana audience. South Africa has already seen and heard the great group perform their new hits and some Batswana have probably travelled across the border to witness this great talent displayed and worship their God with them.

The local promoters, Brave Heart, also take pride in this event as it allows them to showcase their skills in events management and technical setup. The stage setup that they pull off is different every year and they would like to have other local event companies to copy the same standard they have because setting up for a group as large and international as Joyous Celebration is no easy feat. The sound itself is not only massive but high quality and the lighting has to be up to standard. The live production too has to be as great with High Definition quality output.

We took to our weekly pol to determine if Batswana were looking forward to this event and having their life changed by the experience. With hit songs such as “Ska ncheba wa nyatsa” queued to be performed on the day it would be accurate to assume that people are looking forward to the event. After a weeklong poll, 100%of our respondents are looking forward to the event. Will you be there? Tickets are moving fast!