Weekly roll: life…

It’s quite a gloomy time, we all know. The animals know, children know, oldies know. The businesses know and this is all types; the buses, caterers, hotels, you name them.

All these are started and led by people. People are the force that drive them all as founders, workers and consumers of the different products and services. The way we have always approached these has been quite relaxed over the decades and this has been gradually changing. The way we have perceived life as a country has always been casual as mostly things have been easy for us. Our government has always come up with initiatives that have kept us afloat and eased our lives.

Then came Covid-19 out of nowhere. We were not expecting so quick an outbreak that would call from us all that it has so far. Extreme social distancing and economic shutdowns are all very foreign things to us in a country where freedom has been the norm. People have fled their countries in search of the peace we have for so long enjoyed and that was suddenly challenged. Thank God we weren’t in a military war zone but this is still a battle. We are fighting for not only our health but livelihood. Jobs are even ore scarce and even the government doesn’t know what to do next.

The way we have looked at life has certainly been impacted by the pandemic and the question is, has it changed? Is our outlook at life still the same or we now view it differently? Maybe we now see the fragility of life or the value of small businesses. The importance of the many initiatives the government has rolled out over the years or maybe their ineffectiveness. Whichever it is, we took to our polls to see if your outlook is still the same or not and the answer was affirmative of the impact the pandemic has had on us. 100% of our respondents say that their outlook in life has changed since the outbreak in BW, has yours?