Weekly Roll: Legabibo Wins

Botswana is set to make strides in various places and one recent stride the country took was in the space of same sex relationships. It turns out that Botswana’s law has forever criminalized same sex relationships and this has been a heavy weight on those interested in such relationships.

This past week, just as we ran our weekly poll, the local same sex advocacy organization, LEGABIBO, had their case hearing at the Botswana High Court over the same matter. The case seems to have been long awaited as it is said that multitudes of gay people filled the court room to hear out their fate as they went against the Government.

The LEGABIBO lawyer, Mr. Tshiamo Rantao, is said to have his guns loaded to secure a win for his clients and institute a new era in Botswana against what the country and it’s people have always known. Advocate Sidney Pilane was on the side of the State with an aim to uphold the only precedent the country has on this issue where some 15 years ago a Kanani individual lost against he state trying to fight off the same issue.

Long story short the LEGABIBO emerged victorious in this round and look forward to the final verdict later this year. We took to the polls to ask our users what they thought of this case, whether they view it as a over in the positive direction or not. Of all the respondents, 71% said “yes, it is” while the remaining 29% said “no, it isn’t”. It seems most of our users are on the side of LEGABIBO and their lawyer is doing a good job. Stay here for the next update on the case and many more.

PHOTO CRED: Gay Star News