Weekly Roll: Kang

This past weekend was one that had people on the edges of their seats all around the country. The weekend was so eventful with determining events in various places. Some were glued onto their TV screens looking out for their teams in the esteemed English Premier League.

Batswana and Botswana herself, were all ears on the proceedings of the Botswana Democratic party Congress which was held in Kang, some 400 or so kilometers away from Gaborone. The party had long awaited the congress that was out at risk of postponement by a faction within the party. Ms. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi had taken the party to court over a number o issues that were heard by the Magistrate Court on Thursday which ruled in favour of the party against her.

With the congress now made way for, all roads led to Kang to ensure that they have a firsthand view of the congress. We took to our poll to gather the thoughts of users and what they think about the BDP congress. Are there people aware of it or not? The poll question simply asked what colour Kang village will be, red, green, orange or purple, all colours of the different political parties in Botswana. 67% of our respondents said Kang will be red, which is the dominant colour of the BDP.33% said that Kang will be green over the weekend which must be from BCP followers. Whichever the answer, Kang was red this weekend as the BDP went all out during their congress.