Weekly roll: JanuWorry

Januworry is a term that many of us are well farmiliar with. We almost all experience it, in different ways. The year comes to an end, offices close down and we turn up like there’s no tomorrow throughout all December, until Januworry.

Come the New Year most wake up in a literally different world from the one that they were in before then. The world they had, that they enjoyed during December with friends and family is turned completely upside down. The good food disappears, drinks dry out, clothes don’t fit anymore and fun isn’t available. Our employers open up shop and we need to return back to our daily jobs to make sure we keep up with life demands. The first week is at times bearable and the condition keeps getting worse.

The month becomes the longest ever. The 3rd of January becomes a dreaded day and come the 10th it feels as though we have been at work for 10 years straight without any leave, pay or weekends. The difficulty gets you to place where you think and feel that you could wish the month all the way to the 31st. For those with birthdays during this time there isn’t as much hope seen in any person’s heart than that of having someone call you to go out for a snack.

We’ve seen and heard of this, and decided to take it to our polls to ask our respondents if they see it this way. We put out a simple statement with two answers that followed that, “January is really Januworry”. The two options that our respondents had to choose from were “yes, it is” and “no, it isn’t”. To our surprise the poll results came out contrary to popular belief. 57% of all respondents said “no, it isn’t” while 43% said “yes, it is”. This is not what most say about the month of January and it could be that people have grown wiser and continue to grow in the wisdom of financial management. They have learnt to save money for the beginning of the year and live as comfortable as they so in the month of December.