Weekly Roll: I know about CBC Botswana

If didn’t know now you know, you know that there’s a Botswana segment of the International Creative Business Cup. Creative Business Cup is an international entrepreneurial competition that is aimed at networking between entrepreneurs, organizations and investors.

Botswana, through it’s national partner, Ms. Nicollette Chinomona, shortlisted 15 entrepreneurs from a lot of 92 submissions for the coverted competition. The entrepreneurs had submitted their applications for the competition online, which were vetted by a group of global entrepreneurs and experts in various fields. The selected 15 entrepreneurs were each given 3 minutes to pitch their businesses before a 5 panel jury who scored the entrepreneurs and selected the number one winner of the competition in Botswana.

The number one entrepreneur in Botswana this year is Ms. Segametsi Ame Balesang of True AfriBites, a local company that produces alternative snacks from indigenous foods in Botswana. We took this through our polls to ascertain what our Tsena users know about CBC and if at all they know something about it. Our polls question assumed that our users have always known about the CBC and prompted a yes or no answer from them in response. 67% of our votes said they didn’t know about CBC Botswana and only 33% said they actually knew about CBC Botswana. If you didn’t know now you know, and for you entrepreneurs, ready yourselves for next year’s application.