Weekly roll: I am ready!

There is no doubt that the 2019 Botswana general elections are the most contended, hyped up and probably will be the most participated elections ever in the country’s history. There has been so much drama in the political scenery that those that didn’t register for the elections regret it.

Well, it’s D-day now and the question everybody has been asking over the past few weeks has been “are you ready to vote” and are you? Registration were opened last year and supplementary registration also opened earlier this year for those last minute voters to take part. The publics has been reminded to keep safe their registration cards and national identity cards to make sure that they have all they need to register.

Those in the diaspora have also been asked the same question as they are given the right to vote despite not being in the country. We also asked the same questions and you answered. We went out and asked you if indeed you are ready to vote and the results are positive, exactly what every country would like to see. 90% of the votes said “yes, I am” while only 10% were not and this is a good number of people that are ready. The assumption is that they have everything they need ready and for those unregistered, be sure to do so in the next elections, the next 5 years.