Weekly roll: Helping out.

No creature can separate itself entirely from it’s roots otherwise it dies. If you decide to cut off the roots of your plants you are basically sentencing it out for death. Some could re-grow them but that would just prove the point that roots are beyond essential for the life of a living thing.

You may wonder where this is going and whether we are talking about helping the less privileged in our community or about plants. If it’s people helping people then where do roots feature? Well, as Batswana, our developmental roots are found in community work and cohesion. Batswana are a people that have always moved forward by coming together towards certain goals. It would be nice to see us do the same in everything aspect of our lives such as business.

In the early years of the country, when our first university was built, history has it that every capable individual or family put forth a cow for sale to fundraise towards the building of the institution we all now know as the University of Botswana. Today, as our lives are being threatened by a tricky and slick COVID-19 virus, it is our very roots that sustain us. People are left without jobs and sources of income all because the risk is too high for us to live as we used to, and contract the virus.

Good numbers of those of us with more than enough for our own selves have been going round our communities and providing assistance to those less privileged. This is true to who we are as a country just as we did many years ago. The little that we each bring out is enough to sustain and move another forward and together, we can. Even in this day and age, with generations that were not present when all this started, the slogan still lives on that “motho le motho kgomo”. This simply means every person is to contribute.

We however didn’t rest it on social media posts and hear say but opened up a poll for you to answer. Of all the respondents 100% said that they are proud to have supported the less privileged in their communities. Well done to us all who have and those that haven’t but could, be encouraged to do good in your community.