Weekly Roll: Gender Equality

Gender equality is no longer a growing movement globally, it’s grown. Locally it’s still growing and very much misunderstood.

Africa, Botswana inclusive is a largely traditional continent with beliefs and practices that are very different from those of the Western and other parts of the World. It’s been adopted in other parts of the world and the battle continues. The largely Muslim states aren’t even making time to hear out the gender equality advocates talk about it. Some Muslim states have however started making way for women in places where they originally weren’t permitted to play part in and an example of this is women being able to acquire driving licenses in these countries.

Botswana is also a late bloomer in this gender equality movement as she has had less stringent laws around women participation. The high number of abuse cases in the country has been a positive contributor to this movement and the country is feeling the waves. Batswana feel that gender equality is a foreign thing, or at least so we think and that is why we took it to the weekly poll to determine if this is so. We asked if gender equality is traditional or untraditional and 100% of our respondents said it is untraditional.