Weekly roll: enjoying self-quarantine

The government calls it extreme social distancing and it is. Since the first positive cases of Covid-19 were reported in Botswana we came into a time of lock down. One could say it was inevitable since every country was doing it for the safety of their citizens, but either way, it happened.

Whether it was for the good or bad, we all went home save for some essential service personnel. This meant doom for some people, most those that live alone. What am I going to do all day, every day for 28 days they asked? Some don’t even cook for themselves. The part time Master Chefs were excited but they too could get tired of gourmet cooking all day, every day, for 28 days. The introverts living alone probably looked forward to being home all by themselves and enjoy their own company.

The rest of the people just saw a difficult time. Families are all now home. Mother, father and children, together with the helper. For these it could be better since there is some company at home. The children have more playmates and couples get to catch up with other without the usual life disturbances. People are able to catch up with home chores and just give themselves some TLC.

We however didn’t want to assume that the lockdown period was all good. Our weekly poll was what we chose to run to and ask you what the lock down period was like for you. Are you really enjoying your time under self-quarantine or it was all hell for you. The results came back and guess what, most people are enjoying themselves! 63% of all our respondents said “yes, I am” enjoying myself while only 38% said they weren’t enjoying themselves.