Weekly roll: December travel

It’s January already, mid-January so anything that happened in December is in the past. Whether it’s the illegal parties, family reunions and lunches or just staying in and keeping to the Covid-19 protocols.

This past December was unlike any other we have seen as people, the world over. December practically means Christmas so it as always been a time full of festivities but that we didn’t have as much. December, for many of us locally who still live normadic lives, means that we were would travel wherever in the country, to visit our relatives and enjoy the holiday with them. To those living the vacation lives, they would travel up to Kasane or Maun as our most popular tourist destinations and enjoy themselves up there.

However, with the new restrictions that had been put in place and the general scare around lockdowns, many people were not certain of their travel plans while other outright cancelled to avoid disappointment. The country was now under a 7pm curfew and prior experience around holiday periods was the crashing of the permit application platform which would sometimes deny people opportunity to travel.

We took this all out to our polls to ask people what they thought, what their plans were. Were they ready to travel or it was just a farfetched idea in the lives. Of all our respondents, 56% were certain that were travel and we believe they actually did. The remaining 44% were certain that they were not traveling and could have been for various reasons, adherence to Covid-19 protocols or just not up for it.