Weekly roll: The COVID-19 permit

The Botswana Government is on it’s toes with the COvid-19 pandemic. They are making sure that there is very minimal destruction caused by the pandemic. The nation is on lock down, borders and schools are closed, together with a whole lot of other stuff.

Citizens and general residents of the country have been asked to stay home to avoid contact with each other and potentially spreading the virus. However, this is a very difficult thing to do. It was only a few days before the lock down was announce and actually started so people were caught off guard.

The first few days of the 28 day period were exciting and a relief for some. It meant days off from work and just lazying around at home. It meant catch up time with family and one’s own self which are all a good thing. Those that work essential services were required to put their lives on the line and keep the nation running despite this. These people got special permits to continue their work and be able to move about to get their jobs done.

Anybody else who wasn’t a part of essential service employment were stuck with no way to move and nowhere to go. They could only go out to replenish their groceries and seek medical attention whenever in need but this process was probably abused and too risky. The Government, once more in their efforts put in place a permit application process that would further restrict and monitor movement by the public as they moved around. Even going to the clinic or supermarket requires a permit. However, this wasn’t all common knowledge for many.

Some people would get turned back at roadblocks and this was a problem. This was all when an ePermit platform was put up for the public to use whenever they needed to travel. The permit process was also supported by local telecommunications service provider, Mascom Wireless, to have it accessible for free by it’s users including the government authorities.

This process is simple and easy to use. As a user you login and apply for whichever permit you wish to use. The permit then would be approved by the Government and authentication made by the various law enforcement officers at the road blocks across the country. We took all this to our poll and asked if you understood the online permit application process and were answers were accurate to the hypotheses. 57% of the respondents said “yes” they understand the process and are able to properly use it. 47% said “no” and if you are one of them, this article surely clears out a bit of smoke on your end.