Weekly roll - Cold front.

We can’t stop talking about this weather with all it’s changes. As you travel across the country you get to experience different weather from one location to another. There are significant differences from one location to another. In one place people walk around in shorts and flip flops as early as 9am while other people in another place will not even think of pulling out their shorts.

This past week we ran a poll around this issue of our dynamic weather changes. It had been announced before that there will be a cold front blowing in from South Africa. The cold front started in South Africa and had been blowing subzero weather in the area. It has not been the first cold front to blow in Botswana. There has been many others and these are always expected over a few days in Botswana. The cold fronts differ in temperature although all are characterised by extremely cold temperature winds.

This past week we reached out to our visitors and users regarding the cold front we had been experiencing. The aim was to get the thoughts around this cold front. The focus was on the severity of the cold front in comparison to others we have had over the past few years. The inquiry was on whether this cold front is the worst ever or if we’ve had others that were worse. Of all our responses, we had 57% of our respondents agreeing that this year’s cold front is the worst ever while 47% of our respondents believed otherwise