Weekly roll: Career goals

Goal setting is a necessary habit in everyone’s life, whether employed or unemployed. There cannot be significant and meaningful progress in the life of an individual who does not set goals for their lives.

This past week we looked at the issue of goal setting in the life of a professional. There are many things to consider in the life of a professional and amongst those when a year begins is goal setting. Regardless of the level a professional finds themselves in an organization, there is a need for goal setting and reviewing every year. The goals set can be those of skills improvement by that professional which would positively impact their career and daily deliverables. Other career goals that can be set are improved financial management, social media accounts activity, mentorship of colleagues and students, improved dress code etc.

Career goals are always meant to progress the professional in what they do. Our weekly poll had two options agreeing or denying the statement that “I set new career goals every year.” 100% of our respondents said “yes, I do” set new career goals every year. These professionals are those that must make an assessment beginning every year and thereafter setting new goals to help them achieve these. No respondent said that they do not set new career goals but that could also mean that they are still working on last year’s career goals or they just don’t think about their career, hope you aren’t part of these.