Weekly Roll: BW National Elections

It’s been five years already for those that may have lost count and the National Elections are fast approaching. This is definitely the year that we will be taking to the polls as citizens of the most peaceful country in the world and we should be proud.

Botswana has always been a democracy and has always kept it that way. Every five years the country hosts it’s national elections where preferred party candidates are elected across over 50 constituencies. The political party with the most constituency seats wins the leadership race and automatically has it’s leader, Party President as the installed President of the county. This is the process that has been followed for over 50 years in Botswana.

We took to the polls out of curiosity on whether or not people are aware when the Botswana National Elections are to be held. It may seem as common knowledge to all but it may not be so. We ran a weekly poll that had 3 options, 2019, 2023 and 2020. Out respondents were to pick one of the three options presented to them. Of all three options, 2019 had 90% of the votes meaning a majority of the respondents are aware that 2019 is the elections year in Botswana. 2023 had no votes while 2020 had only 10% of the votes. It is satisfactory to know that a majority is aware of this very important event in Botswana, there however still is a need for the numbers to grow to 100% across all age groups.