Weekly roll: The best mobile money service

Mobile money has been very disruptive over the past decade and the banking sector has been most hit. We aren’t talking about it’s disruption in this article but about which one is the best in Botswana according to your experience.

Mobile money is run by local telecommunications service providers and because of the growth and advancements in technology there has been a lot of growth in this space. Almost every Motswana and Botswana resident has a registered mobile phone which enables them to make use of mobile money services. Through them, users are able to send and receive money, and also pay for other services through the platform. The most recent developments in this service have now allowed users to transact online using the service via the VISA card.

We took to our weekly poll to ask you which of the local mobile money users was the best. Though the services differ and some are less developed than others, we listed all available service providers and the results were interesting. Of all our respondents, 57% were in support of Orange Money by French telecom company Orange which was the first to introduce the Visa card into the market. Next was Mascom at 43% who have also recently launched a Visa card.

The remaining two service providers we had listed were BTC Smega and Econet’s Ecocash which had no votes respectively. Check out our next poll for interesting topics to share your opinion, for free.