Weekly roll: From Bechuanaland

We all know Botswana is the name of our country, we all do. Whether educated or uneducated we all do. Resident or visitor, we all do. Child or adult, we do! Setswana fluent speaker or not, we all know the name of our country but has it always been like this.

The process of naming things is very similar across the many things we do. For things co-owned by 2 or more people has some consultation to getting to the name. People or groups of people come together and agree on the name they give. Some is done out of purpose while others are done randomly out of the best letters that come together and have a good ring to them.

A name thereafter sticks for as long as the entity lives. Yes they can change for various reasons and that the case wit6 hour country. Bechuanaland is what it was called some years ago, many years. Today, we are called Botswana and the question one could ask is when this change happened? When did Bechuanaland change to Botswana? There are many more questions to ask around this such as why it changed? Who changed it? What process was followed and so on but those will be on another day.

For this one, we took to the polls again to satisfy our curiosity. 3 answers were given to help with this, simple “before 1966”, “in 1966” or “after 1966”. Your votes said it changed “in 1966” at 68% and we agree. When the country gained independence, the name changed from “Bechuanaland” to “Botswana”.