Weekly roll: Beautiful BW

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this is true. Anyone sees things differently, even two people can see the exact same thing differently.

Yes there are many issues that can result in this, colour blindness, taste/preference etc., and there’s only one reason that people can see it the same, it’s real or it really is true. Botswana, is all about the latter. From people that come out of Botswana to those that are natives and residents of the country, we all agree that Botswana is beautiful. A few years ago, the Virgin Group founder and billionaire, Richard Branson, visited Botswana and all he saw was opportunity out of the beauty he saw in our beloved Botswana.

The beauty alone had him awestruck! He just couldn’t believe it and so can every other Motswana who gets to travel around the country for the first time, it’s beautiful. The greenery following the rains and all the wildlife you get to see all around country is beautiful. There is no chance and no individual who can see the beauty that we have in Botswana and say otherwise, we all see it as beautiful.

We took out to the polls to ascertain if at all our thinking is true with all other people and our results had an interesting revelation. Not everyone agrees with us according to the weekly poll. Only 56% of all people agreed with our view point of things that Botswana is a beautiful country. The remaining 44% said that Botswna is “VERY” beautiful, a step above what we normally would see as beautiful. They don’t think Botswana is “beautiful” as we see but is “very” beautiful.