Weekly Roll: Back to work

It’s finally all systems go, at least in most spaces…I mean even the sale of alcoholic beverages has now been resumed and multitudes flocked to the various retails outlets. On the more formal end most of us are back at work, we assume.

Most employers had their staff working on a shift system since mid-May and most in the beginning of the month of June. Most sectors that had been closed down completely like Construction and Education have also been opened. But we certainly don’t know all the different sectors of employment in the country. There are hair salons which have been closed for some time. Beauty parlours, restaurants and a whole lot more.

We decided to run a weekly poll on this topic and asked if we are “back at work” and got an amazing answer. The answer is amazing because this translates into a lot of good. 100% of our respondents said they are back at work and this good. The good here is that people will get paid by the end of the month of June even if it be half their pay. Children will be able to get packed breakfasts for break time at school because parents can buy the food. Rentals can be paid and the whole economy can get running again, as normal.