Weekly Roll: Agric month

Botswana is Agriculture country, hahaha, Toyota will probably be happy to get the credit for this tagline. Jokes aside this is true. The country used to be greatly driven by Agriculture alongside Diamond mining and though this has even greatly changed, we are still an Agricultural country.

Subsistence Agriculture used to be the order of the day in the Bechuanaland days and for some many years after independence. Batswana continued in this way of living and some still do with Agriculture being their source of livelihood. The introduction of commercial agriculture has also been a welcome thing and Batswana are steadily growing in that as well.

This growth has ha the government also take part in these and assist farmers in growing their agricultural businesses. The assistance is offered in many ways and one of those has been the hosting of regional and national agricultural shows. These events are meant to showcase the efforts farmers are making in the various fields of agricultural and also bring, farmers, suppliers and buyers together for collaborations and knowledge sharing.

Since this, there has been many Agricultural shows in the country and it seems most of them are held in winter and more so during the month of July. The month of July has at least three Agricultural shows scheduled and probably many others in other regions that have been held already earlier in the month. Motokwe is one of those that were held earlier in the month and Kweneng, to be held in Molepolole, Tsabong and Gantsi set to be held this coming weekend.

We decided to take this to our weekly poll asking if you thought July was an Agricultural month and 100% of you said, “Yes”! From our observation, you are right and to stay winning, keep participating in our weekly polls and have your say featured in our Weekly Roll!