Weekly Roll!

So we moved from winter this past week in our general poll and to cars, a topic most popular with men. It is without a doubt that women nowadays know quite a lot about cars and this is a welcome development worldwide. Cars are engineered pieces of equipment and art and anyone is allowed to drive whichever one they want.

Our focus, this past week was on the speed of the cars in relation to their exhaust systems. A car commonly uses a combustion engine which results in it producing fumes that need to be channeled out of the car using an exhaust system. The cars therefore, due to their varying sizes and kinds have different exhaust systems. The bigger the engine normally translates to a bigger exhaust system with bigger diffusers and pipes. We asked a about the number of exhaust pipes the fastest cars in the world have and 45% of our votes were for the 4 pipe exhaust system. 27% was for those who believed it is those with both 2 and 1 exhaust pipes.

The Jobs page which is mainly focused on careers ran a poll on CWEO experiences. Most of us find CEO’s in our organisations and hold them in high regard as our leaders. As people overseeing the organization they are assumed to be people of very good business skills and experience. A question loomed on whether or not they have and should have HR experience as they too are people manager. Our poll response was in support of CEO’s having HR (Human Resource) experience at 100% response rate. Whether it’s a tech company or not, there has t be some people management skills within the leadership outside of the HR division.