Weekly roll – working hospitality

Hospitality sounds like a big word, one only common with seasoned scholars but it is something we live out almost daily. The many guests you receive at your house, those we grew up mother asking us to make tea were all acts of hospitality.

Some people have found opportunity in hospitality and are making a fortune from the business. They set up hotels, lodges, guest houses, B&B’s and restaurants to provide the best hospitality experiences possible. We have over the years seen the growth of hotel chains and the coming in of new ones in Botswana and on the entire continent of Africa. This is where most of the hospitality jobs have been found and are being worked by our fellow citizens.

We ran a weekly poll on this topic asking if hospitality jobs are only seen in cities. We do have a great number of people living in cities and this has allowed for a lot of development. Hotels, lodges and the likes are mostly seen here. With Botswana being a tourist destination there are more than just the city hotels. Our wilderness is ridden with these establishments and our brothers and sisters are working them. To close off the poll, the answer is “No, they’re” not because we do have a lot of these jobs outside the cities. 100% of our respondent believe the same so go on out and get yourself a job in the hospitality industry, you have the experience.