Vision 2036 Will Be A Success - Molomo

While the previous national vision which ended in 2016 is generally perceived to have flopped, Executive Officer of the Vision 2036 Coordinating Agency Christopher Molomo has expressed optimism that vision 2036 will be a success.

Speaking to the media on Thursday this week, Molomo said challenges such as Covid-19 have decelerated the speed at which the agency was moving.

“We shall from now onwards put more gas on the pedal to cover more ground than we have lost because we did lose a lot,” said Molomo.

The country, Molomo said is hopeful to achieve the pillars of the vision whose message is anchored on “achieving prosperity for all.”

“We are committed, we really want to reach 2036 and we are going to do all in our power to correct whatever we have not done right,” he noted.

According to Molomo, the challenges are there such as the availability of data, as well as uncertainties that they will encounter along the way.

With the vision marking its 5th year since it was launched in 2016 when the previous one came to an end, Molomo said his take is that the country is on the right track towards achieving the 20- year vision.

He stressed that it was important that the nation is updated on the progress of the agenda as well as to account for the public finances.

Vision 2036 was launched during Botswana’s...visit link for full article.

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