Use summit as springboard to big league

Botswana’s young entrepreneurs and game-changers participating in the Africa Forbes Under 30 summit can be counted alongside many others across the world who are set to change the entrepreneurship game.

They have therefore been challenged to use the summit as a springboard to rise to the occasion and play in the big league.

Speaking on the sidelines of the summit in Kasane on Wednesday, Minister of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture, Mr Tumiso Rakgare said it was upon the summit’s delegates to go back and work with those who did not attend in order to develop their enterprises.

By so doing, they would be providing an opportunity for businesses to thrive and eventually create employment for other youths currently struggling to get jobs, he said.

Mr Rakgare said government was aware of the challenges facing the youth among them high employment.
“High unemployment rate means crime and other social ills will increase hence the need for all to intervene. This, therefore, calls for all of you here and those who did not come to play a role in employment creation,” he said.

One of the delegates, Ms Mboko Basiami of Glotto, a clothing brand, said the summit was an eye-opener which stressed the importance of perseverance in any business entity.

Mr Lenny Tladi of Kgatleng Meat Ranch said the summit accorded him networking opportunities and strategic partnerships.

Motivational speaker Ms Larona Sengwaketse said she was inspired to grow her craft.

“The summit reminded me that a child starts by crawling before walking,” she said adding that she got an opportunity to meet those established in the business and they were willing to take her step by step towards success. BOPA