The upward battle

He beginning of the year is always an exciting yet challenging time. It is exciting in that people get the idea that they have a fresh start al because the calendar has changed, which is true. It is however challenging in that starting afresh is no easy thing…

Humans are conditioned over time by what they experience and go through. Both good things and bad condition us into the people we are…when a child grows up in a well fed family, with little discipline chances of them growing up obese are higher than a child who has the opposite in their life. The opposite is also true and that only proves the dynamism of conditioning. The same can also happen with an adult who can change as the circumstances in their life changes and these kinds of people are those that experts would say are the best survivors.

Survival of the fittest has been a theory for many centuries now and truthfully so. We get to see it being fulfilled as a prophecy in all forms of life. Certain Flora gets to adapt to the harsh conditions brought about by climate change while the Fauna also does the same. Animals that were initially migrators to a particular region can be seen behaving differently in similar circumstances all in pursuit of survival.

Today, humans do the same and as years begin, so does it. The way of life over the past decades is literally making it a survival of the fittest type of lifestyle. For these that o not pursue fitness to ensure that their bodies can keep up with the stressful and h=unhealthy lifestyles of today risk not making it. The theory of survival of the fittest is further proved where this lack of survival is also taken down to their offspring. Uncommunicable Diseases take center stage in scenarios like these and even children get diagnosed and sometimes die from diseases such as Diabetes.

To combat all these is an upward battle. It is no walk in the park but rather a walk in the dessert without a cap or cold water bottle. There is never a stop sign in site so one has to keep going until the end of themselves should they get there. It overtime becomes the new lifestyle which if abandoned becomes an invitation to death and all things unwelcomed. Multitudes have realized thanks to many testimonies and education by different organisations on the importance of healthy living and they have taken up exercise. Many throng road and hillsides to beat their slumps and conquer their enemies before they even arise. All in all, it’s an uphill battle and many need to take it up, are you worried?

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