Uniting exporters under one roof

The Botswana Exporters and Manufacturers Association (BEMA) has been advocating for among others, the interests of the manufacturing industry for the past two decades.

The organization clearly still has a lot to do in order to grow the local manufacturing industry and expand the country’s export base away from diamonds and beef.

In this Interview with The Voice reporter, KABELO ADAMSON, the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Mmantlha Sankoloba explains what the Association has achieved over the years and the challenges that are stalling the progress of the manufacturing industry in Botswana.

Q. Kindly explain the role of BEMA.

A. BEMA is an association that exists to facilitate exporters and manufacturers in any way you can think of as facilitation in terms of ensuring that their issues are addressed and they are taken to the relevant people.

These are issues that may affect them or anything that has to do with business as well as to solicit business for them.

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