Time to strike!

Since setting up shop in October 2018, business for local watch brand Nako Timepiece has been ticking along nicely.

Famous for its exceptional quality, the up-market product, which sells for P3, 500, is the brainchild of business partners, Gabriel Mothibedi and Tirafalo Otlhogile.

Speaking to Voice Money recently, Mothibedi revealed the enterprise has undergone exciting new developments, including the launch of subsidiary brands.

“We have two other subsidiaries being Nako Corporate where we have corporate packages and offer businesses gifts for milestone celebrations and other events. We have done that for Debswana, for instance, when they were celebrating their 50th anniversary. The watches we produced for them were unique for such,” said Mothibedi, a Design Strategist by profession.

The company has also introduced Nako Foundation, a charity-like organisation dedicated to helping underprivileged Batswana.

“The process is always to establish the company first, build it and make profits and afterwards see how to benefit others. It becomes problematic if you have the desire when you start the company and immediately try to help others,” noted Mothibedi, adding he feels Nako Timepieces are finally in a position where they can extend a helping hand to those in need.

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