There are no drugs in BW

Anybody can say anything in a free country like Botswana and one of the crazy things someone can say is that there are no drugs in the country. I’ve actually heard this statement before that there are no drugs in Botswana from someone who had heard someone say it, and this person knew the truth.

This past week, one of the local radio stations, Yarona FM, hosted a young Motswana who was a victim of and victor against the growing pandemic of drug abuse in Botswana, real drugs. Alcohol and tobacco are drugs that are commonly and legally sold to people over the age of 18. Then there are what most would call entry level, serious drugs like Marijuana that are illegal in Botswana but still sold and consumed. Thereafter, you get drugs like Crack, Cocaine, Ecstasy etc. that are also illegal but available for sale in Botswana through underground cartels.

This young man has been through it and is now years of clean living away from the drugs. He started off with the commonly available drugs and gravitated towards the more potent ones. The drugs are very expensive according to him and widely available in Botswana but they could afford to pay for them. While still on air, a drug addict called in talking about how the drug cartels are even fighting for them now and this is a serious concern. He too would like to quit drugs and is looking forward to the day that he won’t be an addict anymore.

For those that keep saying Botswana is an illegal drug free country, you are wrong according to the words of these young men and women. Illegal drugs are widely available and the fight against them needs to be intensified.