Supa ngwao’s super new edition

Supa Ngwao Museum in Francistown officially opened its newly refurbished Collections and Archives Building last Monday.

The structure, which was formerly a veterinary office block, was restored thanks to a P390, 000 grant from the United States Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).

Speaking at the official opening, US Ambassador to Botswana, Craig Cloud said the initiative would help the museum preserve Francistown’s ‘amazing history’.

“It’ll take a lot of pieces from different areas; whether mining chaos, its history as a station for employees going to the mines or the rail and its place in the history of Francistown as part of the Cape to Cairo rail line, or the Bakalanga people and their cultural history.

“It really is a tapestry and all of this is being woven together!” stressed Cloud.

The American Ambassador revealed the dedication shown by the museum board and their relevant stakeholders made it easy for the Embassy to consider, and ultimately approve, them for funding.

He further explained he is moved by people who, despite not getting paid anything, drop everything to help with a project/initiative purely for the love of it.

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