..stay home mom.

The best job will probably be dependant on the worker of the said job. See I may enjoy my work so much that I believe that it is the best job. It could be to be a legislator, a house keeper, gardener or journalist and all these could feel and think that they have the best job.

Our weekly poll had on it a stay home mother’s topic suggesting that they have the best jobs. A stay home mother, who is sometimes called a house wife is a woman who tends to family matters only as her daily job. She is mostly responsible for all if not most of the household duties such as cooking, cleaning, paying bills and buying of groceries. She is also responsible for taking children to school and back, and she too could say that she has the best job in the world because it is what she enjoys doing and would not want to do anything else with her time.

From our weekly poll results we had all our voters agreeing that home mothers have the best jobs. These people believe that being at home most of the time taking care of children and other household duties is much better than any other job available.